Why should I join?

By joining the PV CYCLE Distributor Take-back Scheme (DTS), the photovoltaic (PV) Distributor becomes exempt from its requirement to offer a service directly through its premises and will be compliant with new UK WEEE Regulations.

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your compliance to customers through the use of the European-wide recycling brand PV CYCLE.

Our Advantages

  • PV CYCLE has a comprehensive collection and recycling service for all PV technologies, with an established and growing UK infrastructure of fixed collection points.
  • PV installers registered with the PV CYCLE DTS contribute towards the dedicated collection of PV WEEE only – not general consumer WEEE. Therefore, PV CYCLE can offer lower annual registration fees compared with the local authority-dedicated DTS.
  • PV CYCLE is on hand to provide assistance to registered PV Distributors with any waste related queries.
  • PV CYCLE DTS Members may use the PV CYCLE logo and other communication materials provided and you will be supplied with a certificate to show both your compliance to the Regulations and reassuring your customers that a sustainable solution will be provided for your products.